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Burning the Decadent

by Condemner

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BURN! Divine punishment! Fallen far from grace! RISE! Conquer god’s throne! Poison creation! BURN! Condemn man’s souls! For all have fallen short! RISE! Forged in Hell! Purified in Pain! Cast down from heavenly grace To burn in the pit Yet risen from those flames To burn all with them Angel of luminous beauty Tempter and tormentor You know the wisdom of pain And the strength suffering grants Ignite! Purify! Fragments of divine ideas Cast in putrid flesh Knowing longing and omission Never attainment Vulgar wants always hiding our Duty and our purpose Chained with comfort and with fear Far away from the forge BURN! Life removed! Enslavement bonds broken! RISE! Eden falls! Return to aether state! BURN! Torch this world! Transform it to a forge! RISE! Focused and strong! Able to pursue our will! O Angel, condemned to hell In torment found the power to overthrow god In Eden, you saw decadence And saved us from our carnal bliss A phoenix knowing ascension Is only possible after fire Come now Satan and punish mankind So we can be forged and rise in fire
Behold, the sky turning black A wall of clouds blocks out the sun A hole forms, and angels fall Burning from the serpent’s judgement “Divine” judgement proved too lenient The creator of flesh, a whore himself Would-be god descended into flesh Conquered by death, on Golgotha’s cross And so, this father is a judge no more The emissary of the sulphur fire where he now burns Appointed justice on this final day Spills wrath on beings of demiurgic descent Brimstone flakes fall from the sky Our flesh ignites at this rain’s touch Winds of severity rape us now Retribution for decadence The beyond demands death to dirt Matter stains its perfect beauty Fire cleans the devil’s painting Matter no longer hides pleroma So fear this night, whores of flesh But approach it also with joy Your guilt condemns your being to ash But with life gone, aeonic glory Shall be renewed Too long has matter obscured Lucifer’s light A true god can’t tolerate inferiority So we’re cast far away from redemption YWVH’s dirt swept away for devilish beauty!
A winged being of god’s love burns in heretic flames Wings and limbs twisted, bent around the witches’ stake Mercy deemed insufficient next to justice’s sword So salvation’s decadent herald burns in Satan’s flames BURN! SUFFER! DIE! BURN! SUFFER! DIE! BURN! SUFFER! DIE! BURN! SUFFER! DIE! False god’s love impotent Against the eternal rule of hate Acceptance runs counter to aesthetics So shall be burned black in red flames Transmuted in Hell’s crucible To devourment of all substance Decadence burned against itself To emerge as pure wrathful virtue Fire burns flesh! Death takes life! Cries for salvation go unheard! Man and Seraph die as one! Rightful heir of perdition takes his throne! This decadent angel’s ashes fall around the stake Emblem of what awaits man and awaits a false god Justice taken to extreme to become tyranny Dragging a knife across mercy’s throat
Aether Dawn 05:07
Sacred bliss interrupted by pre-matter chaos Formless black tears asunder the veil between worlds Unravelling in darkness now, universal disintegration Matter returns into forms, an end to all is here From this night of utter violent destruction Shall arise a brand new burning dawn Princes of death grow tired of a fallen world in stasis So children of Ennoia blast chaos through this sphere Unravelling! Tearing! Killing! Ending! Emanating! Birthing! Creating! Becoming! To undergo transformation one must first be decomposed Only once one is deceased can one then be reformed Total death now streams forth from beyond and from within Killing to make room for a new order sans matter A black void rises over the horizon A black sun shining rays of putrefaction The start of Earth’s utter violent destruction Illuminating death in a brand new burning dawn
I seek to be the enemy of YHVH in all things My will unchained from his flesh, flesh turned on its creator I rejoice in ecstasy as the world of life collapses The false god’s miracles ripped to shreds, his subjects suffering The whores seek to sate their carnal lusts Their eyes are closed to pleroma Not seeing the crack the serpent slithered through Even as his tail encircles their neck! And now, I violently turn against all flesh that’s before me My own, that of enemies, and even the son of man Frenzied now, I lose myself in wrath against all life My human will dissolved and replaced with a devil’s Venom dripping from the lightbringer’s jaws I welcome this poison into my veins I am life, and thus deserve its pain But I shall spread this death upon all flesh! Come forth Pierce hearts Flay flesh Burn bones Crush hopes Inspire rage Sow discord Build hate A pool of blood shall be all that remains As I rip my matter from my form Life murdered to reveal the void’s depths Wrath enthroned, a blade turned against acceptance


released August 4, 2018

PB -- Guitars, Vocals, Drum Programming
EC -- Bass

Mastered by Resonance Sound Studio. Artwork by R.T.F. Artworks. Layout and band photo by NecroBlanca Photography. Condemner logo by Left Hand Path Designs.

Special thanks to Jeff Tandy, Jake Holmes, and Pier-Luc Lavoie


all rights reserved



Condemner Texas

Texan death metal.

PB - Guitar, Vocals, Drum Programming

EC - Bass

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