Omens of Perdition

by Condemner

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xhrl_ The riffs in Omens of Perdition are essentially melodies with notes that constitute the bare-bone themes of the music, with nothing else but a unifying bass & a soft-punch, minimalist blast-beating of drums. Rather than complement each other, the instrumentation forms a total unity even with the drums. Songs alternate thematic riffs that run over mirroring, enhancing drums, with scant doomy statements covered by power chords. Fascinatingly simplistic beauty in the songwriting! Looking --> more!
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released December 22, 2015



all rights reserved


Condemner Texas

Black Death

PB - guitar, programming, lyrics (#1-3)

JH - vocals, bass, lyrics (#4)

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Track Name: Reverence Towards The Pernicious Tyrant
Bowing at the altar of adversary

Entranced by your dark power

Expecting no benefits conferred

Only curses upon this reprobate flesh

Timeless opposer of all mankind

Yet whisperer of knowledge divine

Fallen angel of sulphur blood fire death

Your strength and will are beauty we worship


With no gain

I kneel

In awe

For thee


You wield


Brings Meaning

To Life

Come, Rend this flesh

Justice for decadence

I embrace my punishment

For the glory of the VOID

Failed flesh can't reach

Paradise endless

It would defile

All of divinity

Crush these frail bones

Tear our flesh apart

Burn our souls to ash

Destroy us utterly

Impose thy merciless will

Upon worthless matter

Your death is righteousness

Damnation is justice
Track Name: Executioner's Canticle
Richtwert unsheathed, penitent restrained

Executioner's holy duty commencing

And in one stroke, divinely guided

The failed spirit leaves and the frail flesh falls

Redemption absurd for all failed sinners

Nothingness the judge and death the sentence

And the blunt tipped sword, the sacramental

Executing divinity's will on man

Exalted man, felon's nemesis

Most terrible visage, and foe to all

Thy hand, controlled by the divine

Thy works, the acts of pleroma

With this psalm, we glorify thou

Though thou art our enemy

With this psalm, we glorify thou

Purger of the unworthy

With this psalm, we glorify thou

Icon of retribution

With this psalm, we glorify thou

Exerter of will, on king and slave

Executor of Death and Justice

Acausal chaos and order

Merge within thy cut across the neck

Of the condemned
Track Name: Omens of Perdition
Humanity ignoring endless signs of its impending doom

The decadence surrounding all should be the only proof required

And even those less indolent succumbed to ruthless entropy

Their bodies' form dissolved to dust, their works collapsed and swept away

Blood overcomes flesh, Sulphur overcomes silver, Strictness kills mercy, and Fire overcomes


And when the sun sets, it's red you see, an omen for when the final dusk comes

The fires of hell shall burn all to ash, adversarial Satan shall rule over all

So bury your heads in the demiurge's dirt, oblivious to the horror his killer shall bring

The sins of man that invite doom are the clearest sign of his future

Sulphur Stench! Burning Flesh! Blinding Dark! Cries of Pain!

These omens of perdition, self­inflicted prelude to Hell

Sulphur Stench! Burning Flesh! Blinding Dark! Cries of Pain!

Man­made chaos overcoming his will to earthly order

Sulphur Stench! Burning Flesh! Blinding Dark! Cries of Pain!

Bringing foreknowledge of Hell to man, as we build it with our own hands

Sulphur Stench! Burning Flesh! Blinding Dark! Cries of Pain!
Track Name: Blood On The Oak (Death's Wisdom Great)
Legions limbs extend to rip

Clawing from concealed mass

To maul the unwelcome

Through gates never to be opened

The visitor now becomes the victim.

Now face ruin of reality of what mind can create

Prepare yourself as offering and consecrate

Wooded whispering of voices not my own

Praising blood sacrifice to the one unknown.

I’ll face ruin of reality of what my mind can create

Prepare myself as offering: Consecrate!

Ripping, raping, and defiling

Malevolence wears the crown

Under a nocturnal shroud

Mortal coil is unwound.

Anointed in self­spilled blood

Spirits feast as kings

Screaming weeping gnashing teeth

Cast your eyes on beast elite

This is what the Knowledge brings.

Feast your eyes upon

Death’s Wisdom Great.....

Magnificent Malefactor

Deliver me to this fate

I am reborn through my corpse torn

Revealing death’s wisdom great

Death’s Wisdom Great

“Dedicated to those in that forest, December 2011.”